About the Journey

The next phase of Charlotte’s global mental health research will take place from July 4th – 25th 2015 in Trujillo, Peru, where she will participate in a program called PASEO (Psychology and Spanish Elective Opportunity). PASEO is an immersion-based language training program designed to build Spanish skills for use in mental health settings. Designed for students and professionals in psychology, psychiatry, clinical social work and related fields, PASEO is made up of three core components:

  • Specialized training in Spanish for mental health,
  • Service learning, such as leadership of violence reduction workshops involving members of the local community,
  • Global mental health education: participants attend seminars on providing mental health care in low resource settings, working with Latino clients and advancing initiatives of global mental health.

Read more about PASEO here.



The sojourn began in Ndejje, Uganda, at an non-profit organization called Hope of Children and Women Victims of Violence (HOCW for short). HOCW provides a range of services to female refugees from Uganda and surrounding nations, including English language classes, health education classes and mental health counseling. HOCW also has a women’s collective that teaches women to become social entrepreneurs by helping the members make goods such as baskets and purses to sell online. In addition, HOCW raises funds to support the education of many of their refugee clients’ children. For more information on HOCW, please visit their website at www.hocwug.net.

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